Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Headaches are Such a Headache

According to the World Health Organization roughly 50% of the global population is affected by headaches and headache type disorders. Among these individuals 30% of them reported migraines. Headaches that occur 15 days or more in duration per month affect 1.7-4% of the world’s adult population. Headaches and headache disorders are a global problem affecting all races, genders, and income levels.  It is estimated that the US alone spends $17 billion a year for migraine treatment (1,2). This is spent on medications, clinical care, emergency visits, hospitalizations, physician services and diagnostic testing. Indirect costs result with lost productivity in the workplace amounting to $14.5 billion for employers. Its clear to see that headaches and headache disorders are a detriment to public health, resulting in large healthcare costs and lost productivity.

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