Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How Does a Disc Bulge in the First Place?

 From Dr.Gessert: The spine is designed to be flexible. It allows us to flex, extend, rotate and laterally bend in all directions. It’s made up of 25 movable bones called vertebras, broken up into 4 sections, the cervical (neck) 7, thoracic 12, lumbar 5, and sacral 1. 

When we bend and flex our spine, the disc material can move. The jelly inside the disc will displace in the opposite direction of spinal movement.

When this wall is stretched, it allows the disc material to bulge outward towards the spinal canal and nerves. Since the wall is compromised and weakened, the disc material can’t go back in. If the bulge is large enough, it will compress the spinal nerve in that area, causing pain and even intense, radiating pain, numbness, and tingling into the extremity.  If the disc isn’t treated, it can lead to muscle weakness and atrophy.

Spending most of your day in a state of spinal flexion is the leading cause of disc bulging and

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Get Relief from Bulging Disc Pain by Seeing Your Chiropractor in Ann Arbor

If you’re experiencing a bulging disc, you know the pain can disrupt your day and keep you from doing the things you love. 

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Thursday, September 8, 2022

What is a Bulging Disc? How can it be Prevented?

From Dr.Gessert: When we think of spraining ligaments or joints we usually think of the ankle or wrist. However, most neck and back pain is actually a sign of a sprain injury to one or more spinal discs.

Whether this occurs from an injury or trauma, the result is weakness in the disc’s annular fibers, causing it to bulge or herniate. 

Most often, people feel this pain as stiffness or achiness and dismiss it as muscular. However, most of the time the pain you feel in these cases isn’t due to muscle soreness.

Did you know…?

·       Over 80% of neck and back pain demonstrates characteristics of disc bulges

·       50% of healthy young adults have at least one level of disc degeneration/ bulging

·       9 out of 10 work-related back injuries involve flexion or a combination of flexion and rotation – the most vulnerable positions for a disc.

The disc is the source of pain in up to 90% of overall neck and back pain conditions. Symptoms include general tightness and achiness, severe, unrelenting pain that radiates down the arms and legs, numbness and tingling, or even muscle atrophy or weakness. 

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Prevention of a Bulging Disc in Ann Arbor

If you’re having an arm or leg pain, numbness or tingling, or even noticing weakness in your arms or legs, Pivotal Chiropractic can help. Remember: you could have a herniated or bulging disc without showing symptoms! 

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