Thursday, July 18, 2019

What Your Current Fitness Program is Missing

Zach Voigt is the owner of
Level 10 Fitness in Ann Arbor
From time to time I meet members of the community who are just as excited about helping people as I am. They’re knowledgeable in their field and do a great job at helping people to change their life. On occasion I invite these folks to share vital health information through our blog site. This blog post is a special one by a guy who is an all around cool dude, Zach Voigt. He is the owner of Level 10 Fitness in Ann Arbor. In his gym, Zach focuses on functional fitness, which incorporates normal movement skills that we use everyday. Zach is well versed in fitness and nutrition and has helped many people achieve their fitness goals. He is a great resource for health and fitness and from time to time I myself have picked his brain on the topic of weight lifting and CrossFit. Enjoy his post and by all means checkout his website.  
Dr. Andrew

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