Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Have You Experienced Tingling in Your Arms and Hands?

Have you experienced tingling in your arms and hands?

What about numbness in your feet?

Many people think that a numb or tingling sensation in their extremities is part of the aging process, but this type of secondary condition can be an indicator of a deeper problem.

If you’ve been ignoring unusual prickling sensations in your body similar to when your arm or leg falls asleep, you could be potentially making a problem worse without knowing it.

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How can a Chiropractor Help with Numbness and Tingling?

Even though there are many names for these conditions, the primary source of numbness and tingling and the conditions that go with them begin in the neck or low back by way of segmental displacement.

Common solutions may not always work for the treatment of numbness and tingling due to a structural cause. If your numbness and tingling doesn’t respond to treatment by your primary care physician, an investigation by a specific structural correction chiropractor may be needed.

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